Free Training Reveals Automation and Delegation Secrets for Overworked Real Estate Agents

In this training you will learn:

  • My software recommendations that will open up your calendar and allow you to communicate with prospects and clients at scale
  • How you can leverage showing agents for in-person tasks such as sign placement and house showings
  • Finding and utilizing a competent Transaction Coordinator for handling your transaction documentation

Many agents struggle and get burned out because they do everything on their own.

They show a buyer houses, swing by a listing appointment, place a sign and lockbox on a new listing, and then rush home to write up an offer for their buyers.

Hard work and hustle can work, but it simply isn’t sustainable.

Many agents burn the candlestick at both ends.

This text I got from an agent sums it up well. Can you resonate with feeling tired overall?

By implementing these key principles, you can reduce the time you have to spend on each deal, effectively increasing your hourly income.

You don't have to close deals 100% remotely, but these systems work so well that it is possible. I've been doing deals 100% remotely for over a year now. 

If you're ready to level up, click the link below and sign up for the next training (via Zoom and limited to 30 spots).

See you there!

-Chris "The Virtual Agent" Bello