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Become an Early Riser with Schuyler Diehm


Today’s episode is an interview with a new friend, Schuyler Diehm. A mutual friend of ours, Brett, introduced us (big shout out to Brett for connecting us!).

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In this interview, Schuyler and I talk about a lot of things. We talk about how he started lifting weights to combat insecurity. We also talk about how he overcame struggling with social anxiety.

These are all issues that many of us undergo. After college, Schuyler realize that he did not have to fit in with the crowd. He could create and follow his own path.

He did the thing that most of us do and got a corporate job as an accountant. He would see his coworkers just show up to work in that they were not happy. (hey, this kind of sounds eerily similar to my story!)

Schuyler knew that he was destined for more than this corporate life and quit his job to start his own business.

Schuyler talks about a period of time before starting the corporate job or even quitting that job where he had some time to enjoy his last days as a “free man.” 

During these “free days,” he found that he would lay around on the couch most of the day and sleep in, hitting “snooze” several times. He would work out in the afternoon still, but he still felt lethargic and unproductive.

Around this time, he discovered the power of structuring your day. Schuyler now has a podcast and a following called the Early Risers Movement. He shares these discoveries with others and works to turn followers into what he calls “early risers.”

According to Schuyler, an early riser is anyone who gets up earlier than they have to in order to get some time in for self-development. So for example, if you usually wake up at 9:00am to get ready for work, and you decide to get up at 8:30am to focus on yourself for 30 minutes, you are an early riser.

I probe into some of the challenges he faced when starting his business. Schuyler shared that the hardest part was building something he thought was a good product, only to realize that people didn’t just magically come and purchase.

Again, the story is very similar to mine… Schuyler has shifted his approach to focusing on adding value first, instead of trying to make an immediate sale.

Schuyler created his first workbook which is called The Snooze Stopper. This workbook is geared towards waking up early and starting your day on a positive note.

One tip that he really recommends trying out is to implement and feel gratitude daily in your life. As you do this, you’ll notice that your days will seem to get better and you will be happier. Your life might not even change drastically, but when you start focusing on things you are grateful for, everything gets better overall (what you focus on expands).

Be sure to check out Schuyler’s content and grab yourself a copy of the Snooze Stopper, available on his website and on Amazon. I will post all of the links to get in touch with him and follow him below.

I hope you enjoyed this interview. If you’re a “serial snoozer,” this message will help you stop hitting snooze and start living an amazing and productive life!

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Links to follow Schuyler and the Early Risers Movement:

Website: www.earlyrisersmovement.com
Instagram: @earlyrisersmovement
Facebook: Early Risers Facebook Group
Podcast: Early Risers Podcast





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