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Hello everyone, welcome to chrisbello.com ! This new site is basically going to be my personal resume. How cool is it to own a website with your own, actual name? I had to resort to chrisbello09@gmail.com years ago because [email protected] was taken, so I’m happy my actual name was available as a domain name. By the way, big shout out to my friend Jake Trevino for the suggestion in taking this step. He owns a domain name with his actual name, too! Check out his page at http://jaketrevino.com/ . 

In any case, I had the crazy thought of starting my own Podcast. I listen to so much audio content via Podcast or Audible that I figured, “why don’t I create a Podcast to summarize key takeaways and actions from other resources?” I’ve even spent hours listening to Podcasts that aren’t even that great production-wise but that I find value from. I think that I can provide value and do so with decent production skills, but we’ll see how I do. My thinking is to have a general layout as follows:

Podcast Episode Layout 
  • Introduction
  • Today’s goals
  • Show discussion
  • Key takeaways from each episode
  • Daily motivation
  • Actionable steps
  • Sign-off
Podcast Length

I’m aiming for short and sweet episodes. Maybe 10-15 minutes in length. Why so short? Because I think that it is enough time to get important information across while remaining concise. Once Podcasts start getting to be one or two hours long, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or lost. Or even worse, you might get distracted with something else and never finish the episode.

What’s the Podcast About?

This Podcast will provide motivation for entrepreneurs. Whether you just have an idea or you already have a successful company that is up and running, I will summarize key takeaways that are applicable to you. I will provide actionable steps to move closer to your goals, no matter what stage you are in. Goals are dreams with deadlines. It’s important to make a plan and work the plan. Having a bunch of knowledge in your head is useless if you don’t take action. I’m here to motivate you to do things that will help you move forward. Less dreaming, more doing.

Air Date

I have already recorded 4 episodes of the Podcast but just need to figure out where and how to upload them all after I clean them up a little bit. The internet is so great for learning how to do anything. A few YouTube videos on “How to Create a Podcast” were all I needed to feel pretty comfortable with this. I plan to edit my audio using Audacity and share to a few Podcast streaming platforms for anyone not using iOS. I’ll be sure to update everyone when the first episodes are live. If anyone is curios, I am recording directly to my phone using an IMDEN lavalier microphone, link below. This has been an awesome microphone and is under $10. Note that this is an affiliate link and that I’ll receive a small commission if you do choose to purchase one for yourself.

Thanks for checking this out and stay tuned! No matter where you are in life or what your goals may be, remember: less dreaming, more doing!


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