Exploring self-awareness and individuality with Farhid Azari

Today’s episode features an interview with my friend, Farhid Azari. He is up to several entrepreneurial ventures, including Poseidon Pressure Washing (where he does residential and commercial) as well as a new venture called DealStryker.

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In this episode, Farhid talks about:

  • Self awareness and understanding individuality
  • You have to understand your thinking process
  • How Farhid isn’t the greatest at any one thing, but how he is great at problem solving and critical thinking
  • Writing down ideas to problems and then testing them until you find the solution
  • How many people figure out what they need to do but fail to follow through
  • Marketing is a problem solving thing
  • Look at yourself from a third person perspective
  • How Farhid applied his own advice during some difficult times in his life

Key Takeaways

Practice self-awareness today by following Farhid’s tips. Remember that even when times are tough and you’re in a tough spot, there is always a way to dig yourself out of a hole.

The first step is recognizing that you are not where you want to be. Then you take action to write down what you need to do in order to get to where you want to go.

Daily Motivation

“Life happens FOR you, not TO you.” – Tony Robbins. One guy at the Arete Syndicate Live event last weekend kept saying this every time something annoying happened. It’s so true.

Here’s an example. The restaurant a group of us ate at was taking a really long time. Like, 30 minutes to get a table, then 20 minutes before the server even came to our table to take our order.

One guy in our group jokingly said “it’s okay, this is happening FOR us, not TO us.” We were all hungry, but this helped us laugh it off and really not make a big deal out of it.

When times get tough, they are happening for us to learn something. We will grow when we overcome these types of challenges.

Actionable Steps

Practice writing down some problems or challenges in your life right now. Or even some things that just aren’t quite as great as you’d like.

Write down steps or action you need to take to move forward.

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