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Commitment: Do what you say you will do

When you say you’re going to do something it’s very important to make sure that you do it. I know so many people who talk a big game and say they’re going to do something. The next day, they kind of change their mind or they’ve already given up on the idea.

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It’s sad to see, but this happens a lot at meetups or networking events. Noobies walk through the door and attend their first meetup or conference. They are all excited about marketing or real estate or whatever the event is about. They join a Facebook group or two and make a Facebook page for their idea.

2 weeks later, they’re watching an entire season of a new show on Netflix and telling you that they decided to try that thing out later when they have more time.

Ummm, what? Are you okay with an average life? Have fun with that.

When you back out or go against your word over and over again, you are telling yourself it’s ok to change your mind, to not commit. The bad thing about that is that you’re never ever going to follow through on anything if you’re not even able to commit to the smallest of things.

Excuses sound best to the people making them up.

An example of committing is waking up right when your alarm goes off in the morning. Don’t hit the snooze button. If you’re hitting snooze, you’re starting your day off telling yourself that it’s OK to not commit to the smallest decisions.

You set your alarm at that time for a certain reason. So why do you think it’s OK to snooze five times in a row?

It’s going to make you late to work, late to your appointment, late to your meeting, and then you’re going to have that excuse that you’ve been stuck in traffic and that’s why you’re late.

And guess what? Nobody cares about your excuses. Accidents and traffic happen every day. The expectation is that you should have planned for it.

If you’re late to an interview or to a first time appointment with a client, they’re going to remember that you were late.

The thing that happens when you commit and you stay with the smallest of things, is that you’re able to over time see yourself accomplishing huge things. You’re going to notice that as you commit, as you go through your days, things become easier.

Staying true to your word also goes hand in hand with understanding what to say “yes” to and what you need to say “no” to.

You obviously can’t say yes to everything because time is limited. You don’t have time in the day to do everything that people want you to do.

Think about it. Have you ever said “yes” to too many things and ended up dropping the ball on many of them?

Exactly. I bet you have! I certainly have been there before. I’m getting better and better at knowing when my plate is full and telling people no. I literally turn down referrals friends send to me. I appreciate the thoughts but am staying focused on my main things.

To summarize: Commit. Do the work. Keep your word. Say no when your plate is full.

When you do this, people will take note.

You want people who interact with you to say, “wow, he really does everything he says he’ll do, or she always delivers.”

It’s so frustrating dealing with people or trying to help friends that say they’re going to take action but then let excuses or laziness take over.

Here’s an example. This one guy reached out to me and asked to borrow some of my time.

Literally an hour before, he rescheduled. I let it slide the first time, things come up.

We rescheduled. It happened again a second time. After that, I never really took meeting up seriously and kind of wrote it off.

So don’t be that person… honor your word or you’ll be like the boy who cried wolf. When you need help, people won’t be there for you because they’ll think you won’t take action.

When you commit to the process, you will find a way or MAKE one.

Are you just interested in what you’re doing? Or are you truly, fully committed?

In an Eric Thomas motivational video, he says:

I need you need to have heart because there’s some things you just can’t get without perseverance. You’ve got to have heart, because sometimes you’ll get hurt, and gotta be able to bounce back.

You gotta be resilient, sometimes you’re gonna face obstacles, you might pass the test on the 4th try, not the 1st, not the 2nd, not the 3rd, and you gotta have the ability to get back up and act like you never failed in the first place.

Commit. Do the work. Stay true to your word.

Be the person who shows up, gives 100% when nobody is watching, and watch as your dreams become reality by the day.

If you settle for mediocrity and come up with excuses, even for the smallest of things, you’ll start stacking up loss after loss, until you realize that you’re not able to commit to anything in life.

Steps you can take today

Actively self-evaluate your commitments. Everything I talk about in other episodes ties in with today’s message.

Some things I’ve preached over and over is that you should have goals planned and written down somewhere. Those goals should turn into actionable tasks that you can literally block time on your calendar to work on.

Look at your calendar (which hopefully has some things on there relevant to your short and long term goals). How many things are you actually following through on?

If your calendar is blank, work on getting some activities on there that will move the needle on your goals.

If you have things on your calendar, consistently check and make sure you are doing everything on your calendar that you can. If you find that you are pushing something back over and over or are not able to complete all the tasks, scale back a bit. Minimize the list of things you’re working on. Focus on less and give it your full attention. Then watch your productivity and progress skyrocket.

“You’ve come too far to quit now, you need to get a reward for it.” – Eric Thomas

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