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Get inspired with this 1 hack

There’s this really cool hack I discovered a few weeks ago that I want to share with you.

Basically, you search for entrepreneurs or leaders in your area of interest. Chances are, you already subscribe to them on their social media and YouTube channels.

You might go through some of their old or popular content and keep up as they post new stuff, but have you ever thought to sort their content from oldest to newest?

I did this specifically with YouTube. It may be more difficult to go to the very first Facebook posts or Instagram posts (YouTube has a button where you can literally sort everything from old to new).

In any case, watch some of the original videos to realize how average and low quality they likely are. Then sort by highest popularity and get inspired and see how far they’ve come.

This is powerful because it shows that everyone starts somewhere, and that we all have potential to reach points where others are in life that we envy or look up to.

Make sure to check out my video below as well as the full podcast episode which dives into the topic some more.   

Listen to the podcast episode:


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