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Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast: Never Settle

Let’s talk about staying hungry and refusing to settle. When things get hard, do you throw in the towel early? Or do you dig in and get the work done?

There are no shortcuts to success! You’ve got to put in the work. Today’s episode talks a little bit more about it.

Here’s the video of that 3 year old doing a backflip in Mykonos… crazy, right?!

Here’s his brother, who I’m guessing is 5 or 7? I have no idea. I’m just utterly impressed.


Here’s my backflip. I wish I had recorded the first few attempts to show the progression, but this is proof that the backflip was done and the action was taken. When you say you’re going to do something, do it! Commit… take the leap. Make it happen!


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