One Life, No Regrets (Gary Vaynerchuck)

I want to share an extremely powerful video Gary Vaynerchuck published a few years ago with you.

As of today, it is his most viewed video. Within 3 years, it has amassed 4.8 million views.

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Gary mentions that the biggest poison in us is regret. His vehicle for pushing hard is business, as that is his passion. He loves building businesses and competing.

Through that vehicle, he always pushes a lack of regret and how you should do everything possible.

If anybody ever did it, then you can too.” Stop complaining! Nobody is listening. The market doesn’t care about your complaints. It rewards value that people bring to the world.

Gary goes on to say that you have to make one person, and that person is YOU. It’s like when you hear the safety presentation on an airplane. They say if the oxygen masks on the plane fall down, you are supposed to put your own mask on first before you can help others.

If you aren’t happy, how will you be able to work to make others happy?

Gary admits that he’s just trying to figure it out, and has been doing it for years in front of his audience. Obviously, it’s working. They key here is to take massive action. We’re all figuring it out.

Just be sure to ask yourself if you are truly living a life of no regrets.

Key Takeaways

Remember that we only have one life. So why live one that you’ll regret? Take chances, take risks.

We are all trying to figure this thing called life out. Remember Gary’s motivating line that “if anybody ever did it, you can too.” That is 100% true and so freaking inspiring.

Daily Motivation

How you make your money is more important than how much you make.” -Gary Vaynerchuck

Actionable Steps

Do yourself a favor and just watch Gary’s video now, even if you’ve seen it before. It’s so well done.

The message really hits home and gets a fire under your butt to evaluate your life now and think about if it’s something you truly want. If not, it might be time to change something.

Watch Gary’s video here: 




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