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Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast: Episode 8 – Paid and Free Software to Consider

Starting a business or side-hustle comes with a lot of not-so-fun tasks. You don’t just get to invent a product, but you’ve got to build the foundation. A website, social media content, editing audio footage, and more requires software and online tools. I’ll walk you through my go-to list and make it super simple for you. Paid is usually better, but there’s a lot of great stuff out there that’s completely free as well.

Tools I recommend checking out:

Websites/Sales Funnels

  • WordPress – build websites (free and paid plans)
  • ClickFunnels – build sales funnels (14 day trial, then $97/month)

Email Automation

  • MailChimp – create automated email campaigns (free until you have more than 2,000 subscribers or send more than 12,000 emails a month)

Graphic Design

  • Unsplash – free stock photos to use (give credit to photographers if you like to help them out)
  • Canva – graphic design for dummies. Mostly free, but you can pay for a few premium templates or graphics.

Screen Recording Software

Video Editing Software

  • Windows Movie Maker – free editing for Windows (no longer supported)
  • iMovie – free video editing for Macs
  • GoPro Studio – free GoPro footage editing software

Royalty-Free Music

Feel free to reach out with questions or comments at chrisbello.com and remember, less dreaming, more doing.


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