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6 thoughts on “Arete Syndicate Live: My Key Takeaways”

  • Chris, thank you so much for documenting your experience. I am sitting here during the enrollment period for the Accelerator program; contemplating whether it is something that I can join and live up to. If everyone is like you, I can see how it will be an immense value.

    • Hey Brian, you are so welcome. Thanks for checking out my post about it and trust me, there are so many amazing people I met out there, it was incredibly valuable.

      I’ve made new connections that I constantly stay in touch with. In fact, one of the guys I met at the event lives in my city and is now part of my mastermind group, too!

  • Thank you for sharing this awesome event and you experience! I have been in search of something this awesome!
    My goals have been tampered by an abusive realatinship- now its time to rise up and change my life and the world, where ever I can!
    Thanks again !

    • You are so welcome, Colleen! Thank you so much for the comment.

      I’m so happy to hear that you are rising up and taking control of your life. Sometimes things happen but like Tony Robbins says, they happen “for” us not “to” us so that we can learn and grow.

      “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” You’ve got this!!


  • Hi Chris
    I had to give up my Live tickets for a close family members funeral. I bought the live stream and it was Life changing! I can tell from your recap you got a ton out of this event too!Any chance you have notes Ryan Stewman’s talk? They would really help me out. Thank you for the help.

  • Hi Chris,

    Is there both an Arête Syndicate and an Arete Accelerator? I’m struggling to find information online to be confirm. If there is two separate programmes, could you briefly explain the difference?
    Thanks in Advance
    Best Wishes

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