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Chris Bello on the Early Risers Podcast


In this post, I want to share an interview I was featured on. A new friend of mine, Schuyler Diehm, runs the Early Risers Podcast, for which I am grateful to have been a part of.

I talk about my story so far, how I was caught in a corporate role I wasn’t growing in, then quit that job to pursue an invention idea, and how I underestimated the time and money necessary to bring a product to market.

I struggled to bring that to life and after several months of making no money, I had to figure something out.

That’s how I landed in real estate, and I came across real estate wholesaling, which I’ve now done for the past year.

We all get ourselves into things we aren’t 100% sure about. I think it’s important to set big goals for ourselves, make these statements public through means like social media to hold ourselves accountable, and then give it our absolute best shot.

Make sure to listen to the full interview and watch the video which summarizes some of what we talk about!

Watch the video

Listen to the podcast

Key Takeaways

Don’t be afraid to “take the leap.” When you say you are going to do something, stay committed. Stick to your word.

Face your fears.

Sometimes life can humble us when we get too cocky. I thought I was smart, had a good cushion of savings, etc. and it resulted in me taking some huge risks and losses. Stay humble, but stay hungry. Take risks. You’ll take some losses, but there will also be some wins.

Stay consistent… when you feel like the needle isn’t moving, don’t give up. My podcast is a perfect example. For months I had a few downloads. Then it jumped to around 400 in a month. Within a year, I was hitting 20k downloads a month! All organically.

Remember to stay FOCUSED. Do not fall victim to shiny object syndrome.

Daily Motivation

“Less dreaming, more doing.” – Chris Bello

Actionable Steps

Get very focused and figure out what it is you want to accomplish. Break those big goals down to figure out what you need to work on today, this week, and this month to move closer to those.

Align yourself with people in places you want to be in and start chipping away. It’s a long game. Most “overnight successes” are not overnight at all and take years to come to fruition.

With that said, go take massive, focused, action today.




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