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Tips to improve your presentation and communication skills


Let’s face it. To get to the ultimate level, no matter what it is you do, you have to be competent and confident with your presentation and communication skills.

You might be able to get away with getting clients through online ads and sales funnels, but if you really want to be a big brand or entrepreneur, chances are you’ve got to get comfortable with being in front of crowds.

Watch the video

Long story short, communication is important. How you say something is arguably more important than what you say. 

If there was a single thing of highest importance, it would be to focus on your tonality (vocal variety). Some people can be so monotone and BORING (I’ve been guilty of this).

What NOT to do

I found a video I made for a college class… it’s pretty cringe-worthy. Watch my YouTube video or listen to the podcast to get a feel for it.

I was trying to do a deep voice, was extremely monotone, and quite frankly I’m pretty embarrassed that the video even exists. However, I’m willing to share it so that you can learn what NOT to do. 

Listen to how I currently speak when compared to that video. 

Tips to Improve Communication

I found a few top articles on Google that shared tips on how to improve communication.

An article on www.Genardmethod.com highlights 3 main tips:

  1. Use Your Optimal Pitch for a Healthy, Powerful Voice
  2. Make Your Voice More Expressive and Interesting
    • Use pitch inflection (raising the tone of a word or phrase in terms of the musical scale)
  3. Practice Exercises for Precise and Crisp Articulation
    • Whatever you say will sound more intelligent and elegant if your diction is good—if your speech is crisp and articulate.
    • Example: Say the word “Government” (did you pronounce the first “n”?)

www.TheAccidentalCommunicator.com says that tonality is really what matters. A celebrity voice coach, Roger Love, shares the opinion that tonality controls up to 40% of whether or not a person who is listening to you will believe what you are saying. The key: don’t speak in a monotone voice. 

Listen to the podcast

Transfer Energy!

It takes more work to transfer energy through audio alone as opposed to in video or in person. To get somebody excited requires some passion behind the message.

You could have the most important or interesting topic ever, but if you present it in a way that does not engage or excite your audience, they will not retain that information. 

You probably know this for yourself. Anytime you click on a YouTube video or start a podcast that has fuzzy audio or where the speaker is super dry, you probably exit out, right? Exactly. So make sure you are not speaking in a way that would bore others to death.

Practice Makes Perfect

As always, practice makes perfect. Record yourself speaking into a microphone or even the Voice Memo app on your iPhone if you have one. Better yet, throw a camera up in front of you and record yourself speaking.

How do you look? How do you sound? We all have room for improvement, but as you do this more and more often, you’ll be able to perfect the way you communicate and present yourself to others via video, audio, or in person. 




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