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Achieving wealth, success, and significance with Dan Lok – EMP085


Today’s guest needs no introduction, as he’s grown his social media reach astronomically and is very well known in the entrepreneur space.

Watch the video interview:

Listen to the podcast episode:

Dan Lok, the King of High-Ticket Sales, joins me on today’s episode.

In this interview, Dan shares:

  • His background and story – specifically, how his father went bankrupt and he was forced to become self-reliant
  • A challenge he faced early on when losing money to a con-artist
  • How you should congratulate clients once they purchase a product or service (“congratulate; don’t thank”)
  • How you should tell prospects that it’s okay for them to say “no” if they think it’s not a good fit
  • Dan’s closing line: “What would you like to do?”
  • How Dan hires without reviewing any resumes
  • His new book, Unlock It – how to evolve to significance

Dan has a new book coming out, Unlock It, which you can pre-order today by visiting www.theunlockitbook.com . In the interview, he says that yes, wealth and success are great. But he is now focused on significance as well, which he dives into in Unlock It.

It’s pretty easy to find Dan online. You can connect to him and find all of his social media accounts by visiting his main website, www.DanLok.com .

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