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Are you ready to be your own boss with Henry Lopez


Are you really ready to become your own boss? In this interview, I had the chance to pick Henry’s brain and get tons of helpful tips for entrepreneurs who are wondering if they are really ready.

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Ultimately, to be ready you have to be three things: Ready, willing, and able.

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Are you mentally and emotionally ready?

A good question to start with is are you mentally and financially ready? There’s a big difference between being afraid of embarrassment and being truly afraid of the financial implications on you and your family if you fail.

Are you WILLING to put in the time and effort?

Starting a business isn’t easy. It’s going to take a lot of time. This means that sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. You’ll be building your business while others are at happy hour. That’s just how it goes.

Are you ABLE to afford the time, money and energy?

Henry shares that the most common reason that businesses fail is that they run out of cash. Maybe you need to keep your day job while building your side business.

Health is a huge part of a business. If you are not in good health or something is seriously ailing you, it will be more difficult to put the time and focus into your business necessary.

Be sure to download Henry’s free guide “Ready, Willing, and Able” here.

To learn more about Henry and The How of Business, please visit www.TheHowofBusiness.com .

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