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How to maintain (or increase) your hunger


I keep seeing a Tony Robbins ad lately where he says something along the lines of “the strongest predictor of success is hunger.”

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And no, he doesn’t the feeling of when you haven’t had lunch yet. In this post, hunger is defined as the drive and motivation to succeed and dominate in all areas of life.

So…are you really hungry? If so, how hungry?

How bad do you want it?

Once we start to hit higher levels of success, it can become easier to be happy with the status quo and with “good enough.”

Learning how to maintain (or better yet, increase) hunger, is key to continuing to succeed and grow.

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How to Develop an Insatiable Hunger

This post by Michael Pietrzak has several helpful tips that I’d like to talk through.

  1. Take 10 quiet minutes every day to ask, “Why do I want it?” You need a North Star to follow.
  2. Spend time with people who have what you want. There is nothing better than to learn from those who have accomplished what you want
  3. Burn the boats. Having a plan B distracts from your Plan A
  4. Move your body. Increasing your energy helps you increase your drive. 
  5. Make inaction incredibly painful. Make your goals public to keep yourself accountable.

These are some really great tips to develop that insatiable hunger, therefore leading you to take more massive action daily.

The One Thing That Pushes People to Succeed

So why is hunger important? John Brubaker mentions a few reasons in his article on entrepreneur.com.

  1. Hunger eliminates failure as an option. There is no Plan B.
  2. Hunger drives improvement. “Good enough” isn’t good enough. When you’re hungry, you constantly push to improve.
  3. Hunger fuels solutions. Hunger results in a solutions focus. You either find a way or make one.
  4. Hunger is a driver. You don’t need to be micromanaged when you’re hungry. You’re self-motivated.
  5. Hunger opens eyes. The hungry stay open to new opportunities and ideas. They find windows of opportunity to capitalize on when the complacent overlook them.

Key takeaways

Review and refer to the points in today’s post to make sure they really stick. Realize that you must force yourself to stay hungry. This gets more difficult as things get better for us.

Remember that comfort is the enemy of growth, just like “good” is the enemy of great.

Daily motivation

“The best way to keep your hunger is to get around where it’s better and things will hit you. Who you spend time with is who you become.” – Tony Robbins

Actionable steps

Think of your #1 “Why.” Is it powerful?

Is it enough to get you out of bed every morning? On rainy days? On cold, dark, depressing days? If not, it’s time to get a bigger why. 

Remember what Tony Robbins says on hunger.

Who you spend time with is who you become. If you are around complacent, average people, change the people you associate with.

Get with hungry and motivated people that will force you to continue to push yourself past your perceived limits. 




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