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Picking a name for an idea or business


I don’t have any children, but I can imagine that picking a name for a kid can be very difficult. There are so many potential names and you want to make sure to pick the BEST one.

Picking a baby name
Picking a name can be hard

However, nobody cares what your kids’ names are, sorry to break it to you. Not until they make something of their name. Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos were names that meant nothing 100 years ago. Today, of course, those names are known globally.

The same, in my opinion, goes for company, product, or app names. Think of huge companies out there where consumers likely don’t know the meaning of the company names themselves. Uber, Spotify, Adidas, even Amazon. Those companies meant nothing until they made something of themselves and became known.

I suggest that you not get too hung up on names. As I’ve progressed in side-hustles and my business ventures, I’ve gotten less and less hung up on names. Coming up with Flexthetics took forever. We had to do all the research, make sure the domain and social media handles were available, and all that good stuff.

Now, I’ve built a sales funnel for iPhone X cases I’m selling and I made up a name in about 5 minutes. I made up a random word, Siirenz, in an attempt to find an unique spelling for the word “sirens.” Sirens, from Greek mythology, are those tempting mermaid type women that would cause ships to crash upon the rocks. It has nothing to do with phone cases, but again, I don’t want to spend weeks coming up with a name, I just want to put a logo on there and start selling products.

If your side-hustle products become wildly successful and start selling a lot, then I would consider filing a trademark and doing all of that good stuff. Otherwise, why set up an LLC, file a trademark, etc. for something that might not even work (again, I’m drawing from my own experience of filing an LLC and trademark then throwing it all away for another name anyways)?

Remember this when coming up with your own name in the future. You can also consider naming it something very obvious. An episode on the Podcast Side-Hustle School mentioned a woman who invented coffee for moms and literally named it “Mommy Coffee.” It doesn’t have to be difficult, you just have to pick something! From there, you can move ahead with creating your logo, website, marketing materials, etc.


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