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Content is king: what it means and why it’s important

C“Content is King.” I keep hearing this phrase on other podcasts that I listen to and on YouTube videos that I watch.

“Content is king, content is king.” So what exactly does this mean?

It means that you should focus on putting out good content frequently and consistently. You can brainstorm ideas and article topics all day long, but ultimately, you need to just create and publish insane amounts of quality content.

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If you look at any social media influencers accounts, you’ll notice they have content posting ALL THE TIME. It’s good stuff, it adds value, it teaches you helpful things, it gives you calls to action.

A few accounts to check out on Instagram or YouTube that I follow are:

  • Business / Personal Development Space
    • Kevin David
    • Dan Lok
    • Grant Cardone
    • Gary Vaynerchuck
    • Lori Grenier
    • Sara Blakely,
    • Etc.
  • Fitness models
    • Steve Cook
    • Christian Guzman
    • Heidi Somers (aka BuffBunny)
    • Michelle Lewin
    • Etc.

Those are some accounts that I personally follow. They share quality content, photos, videos, etc.

Look at the insane amounts of constant they post… it’s overwhelming almost, right? How does one post that much freaking content so often?

One thing that has been helping me lately is to batch these types of activities. Have a content creation day or photoshoot day. Take a bunch of outfits and take pictures in different spots around town or you or your products. Write up interesting, compelling captions and schedule out posts for every few days.

Ideally, you want to get to a point where you can outsource those tasks. You’ll notice that big YouTubers started off by doing everything by themselves. But after a certain point, they eventually hire out videographers to film them and edit the footage.

When you do this, you don’t have to always be thinking about your next post or photo to take.

I’m starting to do this more, but obviously I’m not a pro yet, or I would have way more followers on my social media accounts.

How many of you listening to my podcast or reading my blog post are huge consumers? If you’re not sure, does any of the following describe you?:

  • You listen to all the podcasts
  • You watch all the YouTube videos
  • You read all the books,

BUT you never:

  • Engage with or comment on anything
  • Post much on your own social media
  • Create any content such as podcasts or videos

If this sounds like you, you are a consumer. Hopefully you take action on all that quality content instead of just consuming without applying.

If you are just a consumer, you should really consider shifting over to being more of a producer. Start creating content and sharing with the world.

At first, it’s weird to get in front of camera to record a video. It’s strange hearing your voice when you’re editing your first podcast episode. You might ask “who am I to be sharing this with others?”

Personally for me, posting all this positive vibes and motivational stuff was transformational. But it felt so strange at first. Back in college, the only thing I used to post about was going out to parties and videos of me jamming with friends who played guitar. That is “who I was” and how people saw me.

I chose to reinvent myself as I am a new person now and have grown so much. Now, people who remember partying and drummer Chris are seeing more of my self-development and growth mindset content. And they are starting to associate those things with me, the new me.

A blog article I saw on mentions several good reasons why content is king. Here’s a few:

  1. It’s great for SEO, or search engine optimization.
    1. The more you talk about articles and posts and you use keywords and everything, you’re going to rank really well online.
    2. It’s going to be easier for people to find your content whenever they’re Googling stuff.
  2. It encourages engagement.
    1. If you have good content, it encourages your users to engage with your brand and with your posts.
    2. Maybe they’re going to share it with their audiences as well, and that helps it get more of that virality factor or high traffic.

I always post things in my instagram story that I love from accounts I follow. Just the other day, I shared the new “Summer Shredding” video that fitness influencer, Christian Guzman, released.

For those who may not know him, he’s a fitness model social media influencer from Houston. My brother knew him and followed him early on in the days before he blew up. This latest video was very inspiring and showed flashbacks from him 7 years ago making motivational videos.

He shows footage from when he’s clicking the button to order his first gym’s equipment. He had footage from another great video I saw where he buys his dad a car. He also has footage in this latest video from when his mom rang the bell at a hospital showing she was cancer free.

I’m usually not a super emotional person, but I freaking teared up. I’m so happy for him, but also incredibly inspired.

Now, Christian has over 1M Instagram followers and 916K YouTube subscribers. It’s incredible. But this serves at proof that by consistently producing high quality, engaging content, you will grow a loyal following and make a name for yourself.

I posted that video on my personal Facebook to share with others, which is a testament to the power of amazing content It shows that quality content WILL get shared and more views. Ultimately, this gets you more followers and you will continue to grow a loyal fan base. Maybe someone in my network will see the video that I shared and end up buying some clothes from Christian’s brand, Alphalete.

When you have that kind of content, you’re able to generate new sales and new leads. The more people that can find you and the more they value your opinion, you’re going to be more of an authority figure.

You’ll be able to add value to that product or service or you can probably charge more if people value your content. If it’s in demand, if everyone’s sharing it, if you’re the authority figure, you can demand and command a higher price. And the beautiful thing is, as long as the value that others receive is more than you charge, they will be more than happy to be a repeat customer.

Traffic gets you sales and followers. But you don’t magically get traffic. You need content to get traffic. Nobody will follow you if you don’t post anything.

Take my podcast as an example. You started listening to me. I started growing a following. If I posted every now and then when I just felt like it, I wouldn’t have half the audience I have now.

Now that I have a growing audience, I’m trying to figure out what to do next to add the most value for you all.

I’m trying to get focused and specific. A strategy a lot of people use is to be very niched down and focused (example: chat bot agency or affiliate marketing for ClickFunnels).

So I’m honestly brainstorming ideas of what the community focus would be, what my free ebook or lead magnet would be, and then what I could ultimately sell as a product or course.

I’m thinking it would be something with motivation or mindset to get someone who is driven but overwhelmed started off on the right foot. Then again, maybe you are further along and don’t need any of that fluffy stuff, so that might not be of value to you. That’s one of the challenges that I’ll have to work through since my podcast is pretty generic and covers a wide variety of topics in Entrepreneurship.  

There’s another site called Textbroker which has more good information on why Content is King.

This site says that content is central to the success of a website. The more content you have, the more people are going to come and find your information.

You position yourself as an expert. You improve your brand awareness.

Remember though, that you need to target and speak to a specific audience so that your message makes sense to them. If you’re trying to sell beef to a vegetarian, you’re mixing up your audience.

Be entertaining and informative with your content. Make sure that it is reader friendly if it is in written format, well-structured and error-free. And you want to optimize for search engines.

You basically live or die by your content. If you have a YouTube channel or a podcast, and your content sucks, you’re not engaging, you’re monotone…  it’s like watching a presentation from a really smart engineer who is boring as hell to listen to.

Picture a monotone, robotic speaker saying “This is how the product works, you can click this button…” blah blah blah. Boring.

Now picture a salesperson or a professional presenter who is passionate about what he or she is talking about and tells you in a way that is engaging and inspiring. They will get you excited about it as well and asking “how to I sign up?”

So if you’re on the consumer side, and you watch a lot of videos you read a lot books but haven’t quite made anything yet, this is my invitation to you to get started.

Pick a niche or area of focus and start creating content. It’s not going to be amazing right off the bat. But like I said on another episode, done is better than perfect.

Whatever it is that your field of interest is in, start researching it, blogging about it, posting about it. And perhaps most importantly , stay consistent.

Key Takeaways

Content is KING! Focus on producing quality content and doing it frequently. Make sure it is something relevant to your business or passion.

If you have a drone company, publish content about drones. Make cool videos with amazing drone footage. If you have a chat bot agency, make a Facebook group answering questions about chat bots, and establish yourself as the expert. People will go to you and support you when you add enough free value to them.

Remember to automate and outsource when you can to help free up time. If you can afford a virtual assistant or videographer, really consider getting somebody to handle the editing, filming, photography, etc.

You don’t need to be a pro at everything. Focus on content creation and let others do the editing, scheduling, etc. This will make your life much easier! I need to take this advice too… because I’m still spending quite a bit of time editing the podcast myself as well as footage for YouTube videos (and the videos are super basic)…

Daily Motivation

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”  I love this quote… just because you’ve always been a certain way or people see you as a certain type of person, it’s not too late to change. You can reinvent yourself, start over, decide who you want to be and then work on becoming that person until you eventually do.

Actionable Steps

Create a content plan if you don’t have one already. When I first started with my podcast, I promised to release a new episode every Monday, and I have honored that. I have since started to release a blog post AND a YouTube video along with a new episode every single Monday.

So now I’m technically publishing 3 pieces of content although they all tie together on a certain topic.

Figure out what your strengths are and focus on them. Work to outsource weaknesses such as video editing or podcast editing to a virtual assistant or company that can handle that for you if budget allows.

Shift from a consumer to a producer. It’s okay to consume and learn from others. But when you teach, you learn it twice. I learn so much from producing content because before I can teach it, I must understand it.

Start producing content today!




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