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The power of connecting with like-minded individuals


The power of connecting with like-minded individuals is truly amazing. I wanted to run through a quick timeline of events to show you how quickly you can meet new people, follow-up with them, and both help each other out by sharing experiences and knowledge. These connections can help take you from 0 to 1, help you break through plateaus, and jump over hurdles with lightning speed. It has been an extremely productive week for me in terms of growing my network with people with opinions I already value.

February 24, 2018 – Secret Academy Networking Event (Houston, TX)

I’m a member of an entrepreneurial group called Secret Entourage. When you join and pay a one time, lifetime membership fee, you also get access to Secret Academy, where you can watch interviews of successful entrepreneurs, listen to podcasts, and more.

One of the founders, Pejman Ghadimi (PJ for short), held an event in Houston recently at a place about 10 minutes from my house. I had no excuse to miss out, and am extremely grateful for the connections I made when I went. A few folks had driven down from Dallas, TX, while others flew in from places like California or Atlanta.

February 26, 2018 – Dinner with Samir (Dallas, TX)

Coincidentally, I was heading to Dallas the following day as I had a conference to attend on Monday – Wednesday. I grabbed dinner with a new friend I’ve added to my network from this event on Monday night. Samir is a young entrepreneur that’s already had a successful exit and sold a company not long ago. He’s looking into inventing a physical product and starting another company in energy brokerage next. We literally hung out for 2.5 hours and had a lot in common. He offered advice on staying persistent while I was able to offer some words of caution on the manufacturing side based on some issues we’ve faced.

I also chatted for an hour with another older gentlemen named Scott this past Saturday that runs a successful business out of Atlanta. We actually have a follow-up call this evening. He knows a few people that may be able to help me get over some hurdles I’m having with my own business. And I can’t leave out my new buddy Ali, who is going to get something on the calendar for us to link up and chat next week.

February 27, 2018 – Aggie CEO Added To My Network

Just a day after dinner with Samir, I heard a company speaking at a conference and the CEO just so happened to go to my university, Texas A&M. I got his business card and he told me to call or email him if I have any questions or need any support. I’ll definitely plan to grab some coffee with him in Austin, TX. He sold 2/3 of his shares of his last company and raised a significant amount from venture capitalists for his current business. They’ve landed huge clients such as Dell and are doing quite swell to say the least.

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the power of connecting with like-minded individuals.

Connecting with like-minded individuals helps you surround yourself by people who are ready to push themselves to achieve more. Some may be much further ahead, while others might be a bit behind. Where everyone is on their journey is not really as important as the fact that they are on the journey in the first place. The path looks different for every one, but the beauty of growing your network is that you can learn from others or teach others as well. Being able to share challenges, successes, and more with others who have been through similar scenarios is invaluable. Better yet, you can get personalized feedback and advice for your particular situation from smart people who know what they’re talking about. How great is that?

No matter what it is you’re interested in, whether it’s entrepreneurship, music, or sports, connecting with like-minded individuals is always in your best interest. Reach out to those in your community. Go to Meetups in your area, attend events or conferences to meet these people. It’s truly a breath of fresh air when you meet people that “get you” and understand why you’re on the path you’re on. This is very important, especially when you might have friends or family that just don’t understand and hold a completely different point of view than you. When you’re passionate about something that others around you don’t really care about, it can be a bit of a drag. By surrounding yourself with others that share that passion, you find that the fire burns brighter than ever and you’re more motivated than ever.

I left dinner with Samir pumped and ready to pick up the pace with Flexthetics again. I left the conference grateful for 10 minutes of a young CEO’s time and advice. While I had previously lost some motivation due to manufacturing delays, these people rekindled that sense of urgency by giving me several strategic ideas and the motivation to push through, even though there may be ups and downs even in the same day.

You feeling pumped yet? I know I am! Go out and get it!


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  1. Hey Chris,

    Great Article! This has motivated me to get out and start reaching out to people who have the same mindset that I am working towards. Talking to the average co-worker/friends the past couple weeks, its unreal how many show 0 motivation in pursuing some sort of financial freedom or even want to hear about it! Keep up the grind man…. you’re gonna hit it big one day.

    1. Austin,

      Thanks a bunch for the comment! Glad this article could help motivate you and I really am humbled that you’ve been very interested and following along with my recent posts.

      Definitely get out there and continue to expand your circle. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to cut a few people out of our lives or at least distance ourselves if those people are not driven to succeed. Negative people or even those with 0 motivation to build financial freedom really just drain your energy and momentum.

      This past week, the new connections I made seriously left me giddy just as if I went on a great first date. It’s such a relief to surround yourself with people that will force you to level up…

      Keep me posted on your progress and success, sorry we couldn’t catch up in Dallas this time around. I’ll try to make it out there very soon. See you at the top!


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